Zushi and Yokosuka

We had a nice relaxing weekend at home. Saturday was rainy all day and we mostly stayed in. I caught up on some work and in the evening after the rain stopped we walked down to Zushi beach to watch the sunset. It was a pretty one, with the sun making a brief appearance as a red half-circle over Enoshima island before just before sinking out of sight.

We went home to a nice home cooked meal. Kiwako is very happy to have her own kitchen back and not have to eat any more hospital food!

Sunday we got up early. Kiwako spent the morning in the kitchen preparing many dishes after two weeks away, while I read Joseph Conrad’s Typhoon. Very descriptive writing, and a narrative that felt all the more real for it now being typhoon season in Japan. In fact, there’s been a good swell running the past couple of days from the latest typhoon to pass, and mid-morning we cycled over to Surfers Cafe where Kiwako did some writing and I¬†caught a few waves. I hadn’t been out on the board for about a month and was out of shape but I still got several good rides before the tide came in too much and the waves lost power. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice lunch.

Later that afternoon we cycled to the train station. I took this photo of our local shrine/park on the way. No particular reason, I just like this park.

We took the train to Yokosuka to watch Wonder Woman on the big screen. An entertaining movie with a refreshingly strong herioine, though if it was meant to be a morality play I found the message a bit weak. Yokosuka is home to the Japanese and American forces naval base. Many of the Japanese ships were on display as well as several submarines.

I’m sure I’ve seen this one underway before, it passed very close astern when I was sailing back from Hayama beach last year.

This sub was blasting out great pumes of mist and air at the dock. I realized I don’t know much about the workings of a submarine and couldn’t explain what it was doing. Blasting out water ballast I assume?

Next to the boardwak which runs between Yokosuka station and the movie theatre there is a beautiful rose garden. We strolled through after the movie and though it was getting dark I got this picture of the rose fountain.

Another beautiful sunset, and another beautiful day in paradise.

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