Watari.Life: A Re-brand

I decided to change the name of this site from SailingTokyo.com to Watari.Life, because I want to expand from writing only about sailing to sharing more stories of daily life. I’ve debated this for a while and finally decided that I’ve got more than just sailing stories to tell and that I’d like to have a journal to look back on.

I chose the domain Watari.Life because it’s simple and I hope easy to remember, and because I plan to write a bit more about my philosophy and ideas on lifestyle. As I wrote before on the About Watari page, I chose the name “Watari” for the boat for the following reasons:

The name Watari is based on the verb Wataru (渡る), Japanese for “cross over”. Wataribune (渡船) is “ferry boat” and Watarimono (渡り物) is a migratory bird or animal. I like the image of Watari crossing oceans and safely voyaging to the other side. It’s also a bit of a play on words as “Watari” sounds like the English “watery”

But even more so, I’ve lived a somewhat migratory life, between Canada and Japan, with a rather nomadic existence made up of a series of voyages. Now that TourismBuilder is my main work I’d also like to share some of those voyages I’m undertaking to interesting places around Japan. Simple, minimalistic living with a focus on gathering experiences over possessions, getting out there and exploring the world embodies the Watari life.

The old domain of SailingTokyo.com will continue to forward here for the time being.

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