Hayama, Sajima: Classics

Typhoon Tamil hit us right at midnight last night. I was actually surprised by the strength of the wind. I’d gotten complacent after the last few typhoons died out before arriving in this area. Some of the gusts must have been close to 50 knots, and there was a lot of lightning. It kept me up listening to the storm until around 03:00 when it began to die down. The Toky Bay ferry wasn’t running so I couldn’t get out to check on Watari, but I’m pretty certain she’s OK. The fisherman’s union at Awa Katsuyama should call me if she’s showing any visible signs of distress.

It was still windy when we got up at 06:00, but brilliantly sunny. I went down to the beach mid-morning and it was just like any other late summer’s day, except with a bigger surf than usual running and many people out riding the waves. It was so clear that both Mt. Fuji and Oshima island were clearly visible across Sagami Bay.

Today was a public holiday and I took advantage of the day off to explore the coast a bit and observe the effects of a typhoon swell on the local marinas. I was also visiting marinas in search of the most reasonably priced quote to haul out for a month and do bottom work. That mission is still in progress.

At Hayama marina I got talking to the owner of the Fuji 32 ketch I took a picture of a couple of weeks ago. He gave me a tour of the boat. He’s the second owner and has done a great deal of work to her, especially in her wood trim. A very pretty boat. While we were talking his brother rode down on his ’51 BMW motocycle. They obviously appreciate the classics! I think this was one of the most beautifully designed bikes ever built.

On a tip from the brothers I rode my bicycle down the coast a couple of kilometers to Sajima Marina where they said one could haul out cheaper than Hayama. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride! Sajima marina is well protected from typhoon surge, even better so than Hayama marina. But it wasn’t much cheaper to use the lift.

On the way back from Sajima, near the Emperor’s summer place in Hayama, I spotted another classic, this ’68 Volvo 1800S. A beautiful car if fixed up! I love the styling of these cars, one of the all-time classics.

The surge was running strong between Hayama and Zushi, with waves crashing over the seawall onto the road. A few brave souls were out surfing. It stayed clear and brilliantly sunny all day.

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