Finally Free!

Kiwako finally got out of the hospital! She’s very happy to be free. It was a long, frustrating two weeks. Her surgery had some complications, and she had to stay an extra week longer than originally expected. Our lives were somewhat thrown into chaos during this time, but it was vastly alleviated by our friend’s generosity in allowing me to stay at his apartment just a block from the hospital. It’s great to have Kiwako finally back home! She’s doing well, and apart from a rapidly healing scar and some bandages is almost back to normal.

The past week I mostly worked around Shinjuku and had the opportunity to explore a bit more. My friend made it his mission to show me around and keep my mind preoccupied so as not to worry. Here are a few photos from our walks around Shinjuku. The interestingly named Piss Alley (small side street, shops used to lack toilets), now re-branded as Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane):

A Mexican food fair located outdoors:

Interesting street views:

A bicycle shop selling intricately crafted, retro-styled bicycles:

Designer coffee shops:

And all the while as I was walking around seeing these sights Kiwako was trapped in the hospital looking out these prison bars.

But not anymore! She’s finally free.

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