Captain Evan

My Mom was cleaning and found some old pictures of me as a kid. I suppose some of us are just born desiring the captain’s chair. Aboard Dad’s boat the Jedway. Look at that far off look in our eyes. Bring me that horizon!

My first command, crewed by cousins.

Arrr! Look at that squinty sea dog 😉

My first sailboat. I remember her well, and her many voyages on the backyard creek.

Driving Grandpa’s speedboat. What concentration! I remember that moment well. Truth be told I was terrified to take the wheel but excited too. From the look on my face, it’s obvious I felt the full weight of responsibility that comes with command. The lives of all souls aboard were in my hands and I wasn’t going to let them down. Despite not being able to see over the dashboard.

Yesterday morning I got up early and went for a walk down by Hayama marina. The fisherman’s marina there really reminded me of home, growing up as a dock rat. All the sights, smells, and permeating dampness of the ocean made me nostalgic. What a great way to grow up! It sure was a good education.

Hayama Marina is quite posh and full of fancy, modern, plastic sailboats. But I like this old girl with a bit of wood trim.

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